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Power Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established on 5th July, 1988.
Since then, we have been a professional PC peripheral manufacturer with a full
line of audio/video controller products for three decades. Thanks to staff’s
innovation and hard working, the business is always thriving.

Our product line includes:
* USB Type-C Family (Single Port, Converter Cable, Mini Docking)
* DisplayPort Family (Single Port, Converter Cable, Multi Port)
* HDMI Extension (Cable, Equalizer, over LAN/IP Extender)
* KVM Series (HDMI/DP/VGA KVM Switch, HDMI/VGA KVM Extender)
* Converter, Switch & Splitter (HDMI/VGA Converter, Converter Switch/Splitter, HDMI Switch/Splitter)
* USB Type-C to Audio Adapter/Cable

We have passed ISO 9001:2000, RoHS, CE, HDMI, and TUV Rheinland certification, in order to ensure our production quality, create eco-friendly work environment, increase working efficiency, and provide excellent customer service.

We are also very welcome to take orders from OEM and ODM. With professional design, experienced manufacturer, and superior marketing solutions, we provide one of the best services in the industry.

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